Code and Results


NOTE: To use the Matlab Test on Recorded Videos, you have to load into the workspace the model.mat and the example_params.mat, then call

> load model.mat

> load example_params.mat

> video = [];

> data = track( model, video, params )

Params is included in the example_params.mat, and video is the path to the video to test. If video = [], then the tracker will get the input stream from the webcam. Data will contain all the tracked points.

Results on 300VW

Also, you can also find the results on the 300VW here. You will find a data_catX_iCCR_CCR.mat file, where X will be A, B and C, corresponding to categories 1,2 and 3, respectively. Each is a struct containing the following fields:

– data_iccrX{i}.tracked_pts : a 66 x 2 x NumberOfFrames
– data_iccrX{i}.video : the corresponding video id
– data_iccrX{i}.nc : the indices of the frames that were removed from evaluation, according to the 300VW organisers
– data_iccrX{i}.nframes : the total number of frames of the corresponding video